Thursday, November 28, 2013

December 2013 Meeting at the AC Wine Club

Next week is the first Wednesday of the month and so the AC Wine Club will meet once more.

Wednesday 4th December 8.00pm at the Ardclough Village Centre

Grapes ripening in an Abbey Farm Celbridge backgarden 2013
Last month we had a great session where principal grape types were shown through a combination of wines that I use for my Two Hour Wine Tasting Course. It created such a good buzz around the place that I was asked were we meeting every week!

Next week I thought we might discuss sparkling wines. Let's face it we won't be meeting again until after New Years has been rung in.

Then I decided to do this by looking at Prosecco only! Should be interesting. I'll have a line up of various sparkling wines from the Veneto in northern Italy. Hope you like bubbles!

As the bottom of a bottle of wine is always limiting I would appreciate advance bookings to either or to 0876919191

Sunset over Ardclough last week