Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May 2011 Meeting Details

Our second evening approaches! The response to the AC Wine Club has been so positive that we need to take advance bookings for the May session - otherwise we won't have enough glasses or indeed wine. It was dodgy enough with the glassware last time around..... 

Meet at Ardclough GAA
Thursday May 5th at 8.00pm
Entry: €5.00

Contact Kevin beforehand at kevin@kevinecock.ie or 087 6919191 -- This is a MUST DO.
Everyone is welcome. It is our intention to make this the most populist, and popular, wine club in the country.

From http://www.sherry.org/

I thought long and hard about what wines to show this month. Well, not really. The topic was 'suggested' to me last month when I found myself fielding questions about what's worth buying locally. So, this month all of the wines are available locally, are all good value and hopefully brilliantly made also.

Just to spice things up our final wine will be served blind. This will be blind to me also. It really is the best way to learn, to make a complete ass of yourself and have the best fun of all .... many would say I've been doing all three for years.

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